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The Castaways is a unique group of musicians from the big island of Hawaii, whose varied styles defies easy categorization, a combination of jazz, rhythm, and blues, folk, rock, reggae, and a touch of Hawaiian. Their first release, Lost on Purpose, drops on September 21 and will be available on various platforms with a CD to follow.

Lost on Purpose features 13 songs of original material – written across 30 years in the life of one singer-songwriter – and then mashed up by the band; their music is innovative and inspirational with more profound messages of hope, love, and change.

Lost on Purpose tracklist: “Endangered Species,” “The One You Are,” “Waves of Crazy,” “Present Perfect,” “Live in the Light,” “Love Em Anyway,” “Goodbiaduct,” “The Hum,” “My Fault Insurance,” “Slow Me Down,” “Happiness,” “Einstein’s Lines,” and “The Jabberwocky.”

All tunes were written by Richard Russell except “Endangered Species,” “Live in the Light,” and “The Hum” – by Richard Russell and Peter Weinstock.  Also, the lyrics to “The Jabberwocky” are by Lewis Carroll, and music by The Castaways.

The Castaways are:

Richard Russell plays guitar, sings lead vocals, and writes most of the songs he performs. His 10 albums of original music reflect his unique perspective on life, and many include messages and some whimsy. Richard wears many hats – entrepreneur, business owner, cattle rancher, musician, and record producer. Originally from Lakebay, Washington, he has lived on Hawaii Island since 2000 and runs Studio Kumau. Russell produced Lost on Purpose; and also works on other artist’s projects.

Jesse Snyder is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and vocalist. He plays tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, flute, drums and has a smooth baritone singing voice. Snyder received a 2018 Hoku Award (Hawaiian Grammy) for Jazz Album of the Year with the Hawaiian swing band, Kahulanui. Originally from the Philadelphia area, he has enjoyed living on Hawaii Island for a dozen years and performs regularly at the Mauna Kea Resort. In 2020, Snyder released his solo vocal album MUSE. He is currently recording an album with Gary Washburn.

Alex Czerny is a concert pianist and journalist from Germany. He worked as a studio musician on more than 50 CDs, played in classical orchestras in Berlin, Barcelona, and Istanbul, and toured with Rock/Pop bands throughout Europe. Alex came to Hawai’i in 2008 and worked as a piano teacher and piano tuner/technician.

Noa Eads plays drums. He studied at UH Hilo and Berklee in Boston. He performs with several bands on the big island and appears on Grammy-award-winning Gary Washburn’s Earth Life-October Full Moon album.

Pat Eskildsen is an energetic guitar, bass player, and vocalist from Kahaluu, Oahu. He attributes his start in the music business to his dad, a prolific performer, and his singer mom.  Eskildsen enjoyed rocking out with his first band, Native Roots, so much that he became a career musician. He has performed with the Hoku-award-winning band, Kahulanui and runs Saddle Road Productions.

Brian McCree plays acoustic bass and received a 2019 Hoku Award with Larry Dupio. He is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and comes from a long history in the Boston jazz scene. McCree has performed at John Coltrane Memorial Concerts, the Toronto Jazz Festival, and the Detroit Jazz Festival. Brian has produced one album of original jazz and has another one in the works. He currently performs with several bands around Hawaii island.

You can stream Lost on Purpose on Spotify, or purchase the album on Bandcamp.